Property Damage Claims


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The Cabrera Law Firm represents policyholders throughout the state of Florida in their property damage claims against their insurance companies. From residential to commercial property damage claims, the Firm strives to provide efficient and effective legal representation to achieve the best recovery. We aggressively fight for your rights to obtain the most money you deserve to get your home or business repaired as quickly as possible.

We pride ourselves in providing attentive and personalized legal services so you know exactly what is happening in your case. When you have questions, your lawyer will answer them, not an assistant.

We know how important your case is and you deserve peace and mind in knowing your case is being handled diligently and zealously. 

Some of the types of property claims The Cabrera Law Firm handles include:

  • Hurricane and Windstorm Claims
  • Residential Property Claims
  • Commercial Property Claims
  • Water Damage Claims
  • Mold Claims
  • Plumbing Claims
  • Fire Damage
  • Lightning Damage
  • Theft Claims
  • Vandalism Claims


What to do if you have property damage:

  • Become familiar with your insurance policy, including coverage, exclusions and requirements for making a claim. Some insurance policies require you to use their own vendors for certain types of losses. Insurance policies are not easy to read. Contact a lawyer to help you review your policy.
  • Hire a reputable company to do any emergency repairs and document your damages with receipts and pictures. Again, check your policy because it may require you to use their own vendors for certain types of losses.
  • Your insurance policy contains provisions requiring the insured to put the insurance company on notice of any loss. Make sure you review the policy and report the loss and open a claim.
  • Under the policy, you have the duty to mitigate your damages. You must take steps to protect the property and prevent additional damage.
  • Because the insurance policy controls coverage and all aspects of your claim, you should hire an attorney to assist you with your claim. This will assure you comply with all provisions of the insurance policy and that you obtain the highest recovery possible for your claim.


How can The Cabrera Law Firm help you with your Property Damage Claim:

  • Identify all coverage under the policy
  • Identify all of your obligations under the policy
  • Identify causation of your damages for coverage purposes. Identify other potential parties that may be liable if there is no coverage under your insurance policy.
  • Gather evidence, including estimates for repairs to your home and personal property, obtain experts to determine causation and coverage, if necessary.
  • Handle the adjusting of your claim with your insurance company and negotiate the claim to get you the most money possible
  • File a lawsuit if the claim cannot be settled out of court

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